Our company is designed with full automation using all available technological means and follows a zero-waste principle to minimize our environmental impact. With the zero-waste principle in place, our production processes do not generate waste, and we reduce natural resource consumption by employing closed-loop water systems. We prevent harmful emissions during the production process through gas scrubbing systems. Within our organization, we maintain transparency and accountability by recording and controlling all activities carried out under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 systems.

With the vision of ZDHC, it is one of our goals to reduce the chemical footprint of the industry and to protect the planet for this purpose. Our collaboration with global brands, chemical suppliers, manufacturers, and other organizations that share this vision is part of sustainability. Since 2022, SINTAN is a ZDHC LEVEL 3 Compliant producer.

Companies that aim to meet customer demands with goods that do not contain harmful chemicals without consuming natural resources can contact us. After the product is made, we consider the ZDHC MRSL list and certify our products to prevent the dangerous part at the very beginning, instead of removing or destroying it.

Our goal is to manage inputs, thereby providing safer products, cleaner water, and cleaner air.

Our membership in the Leather Working Group is also an indication that we are expanding our commitment to sustainability.




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Our company is designed with full automation using all available technologica..

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