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We know that success is a team effort. At Sintan, we are a great team that embraces the values of equality, innovation and sustainability. We respect our planet, our traditions, each other and our customers.

As a global manufacturer of leather chemicals, we recognize our differences and ideas as our richness. We recognize that diversity adds to our strength. Thanks to our people-centered practices and corporate culture built on solidarity, today we are among the world's leading Sintan manufacturers.

we are aware that the key point that we can deliver leather chemicals and provide service to thousands of customers every day is to value our employees. As Sintan, we are determined to always promote our development-oriented corporate culture where everyone is respected and feels like they belong.

Career Opportunities

The greatest privilege of working with a global brand is continuous development. We offer continuous development opportunities to our employees, whom we support with different training and leadership programs. We reveal different talents and monitor the development status of our employees at all levels. We use fair, reliable and new generation performance evaluation systems in our recruitment processes and support the realization of people's goals by receiving continuous feedback in line with their career development plans.


Know Us

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Welcome to SINTAN, an innovative and forward-thinking leather chemical company that takes immense pride in producing a comprehensive range of high-quality leather chemicals to the entire leather production process, from raw to crust. With a commit..

Our Company Culture

Quality And Innovation Unique Quality and Innova..

Our Strategy

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Vision & Mission

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Human Resources

Our people We know that success is a team effort. At..

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