We strengthen our employees' commitment to the organization and their profession through investments in their careers, competencies, and leadership qualities, considering them as the most valuable asset of Sintan. At SINTAN, we believe that sustainability is a culture, and thus, we regularly provide training to our employees. We value the continuity of environmental education to adapt swiftly to changing processes and environmental innovations, aligning ourselves with evolving global trends. Not only within our company but also within civil society organizations, we actively play a role in sharing knowledge.



Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible: At SINTAN sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is ingrained in our core values. As stewards of the environment, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the leath..


Our eco-friendly leather chemicals are designed to reduce environmental impac..


We strengthen our employees' commitment to the organization and their profess..


Through investments we make in various parts of the world, we contribute to employment and the economy, making efforts to promote widespread adoption of our sustainable practices. We actively participate in the Green Transformation Commission esta..


Our company is designed with full automation using all available technologica..

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