R&D Center

As Sitan Company, we have an R&D Center specially established to develop innovative and high-tech products in the leather chemicals industry. Our R&D Center is managed by a team of experts who follow the latest developments in the industry.

Features of our R&D Center:

Technology and Infrastructure: We have an infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, testing instruments and equipment to support our R&D efforts. This infrastructure allows us to evaluate the performance of our products, develop new formulations and conduct quality control processes.

Expert Staff: An experienced and skilled team working in our R&D Center has extensive knowledge in the field of leather chemicals. This team of chemists, engineers and technicians is constantly generating new ideas, improving our products and providing the best solutions to our customers.

Innovation and Product Development: Our R&D Center continuously carries out innovation and product development activities to meet the needs of our customers and to be a pioneer in the industry. Activities such as researching new components, process improvements, implementing new technologies and evaluating customer feedback form the basis of our R&D activities.

Collaborations and Project Management: Our R&D Center actively collaborates with other organizations in the sector, universities and our customers. We strengthen our R&D efforts through joint projects, knowledge and technology transfer. We also use professional project management approaches to effectively manage and monitor projects.

Quality and Safety: We ensure uninterrupted compliance with quality and safety standards in our R&D activities. Having high standards for the safety, quality and performance of our products is one of the main goals of our R&D Center. Quality control processes, tests and experiments are an integral part of our R&D activities.



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R&D Center

As Sitan Company, we have an R&D Center specially established to develop ..

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